Best Autumn Outfit Ideas

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When the fun and free-minded times of summer are coming to an end, the cold starts replacing the warmth of the sun and the beach into sad afternoons at your desk. What you really need to lift your spirit back up is a good change of wardrobe, getting ready for the Autumn season! It may come as a surprise, but Autumn calls for various and very chic looks you can experiment with. You can play with basic midseason dresses, accessories, gorgeous trench coats and blazers, as well as combine colours, shapes and stylish designs so your cosy and chilly days will look much more stylish than you could even imagine.



The worst part of going from hot summer into the fall season, is that all of the sudden you find yourselves caught in the pouring rain or in between strong gusts of wind, so it is very hard to decide what are you going to wear when you are about to eave the house, and most importantly, it's very difficult to choose the right overcoat that will keep you warm and dry whilst still making you look absolutely flawless. In front of these challenging first world problems, the best solution usually resides in simple and comfy trench coats and blazers. It takes very little for these items to reinforce your look with their elegance and class. With a stunning beige long trench coat on, you will steal the scene adding a fancy touch that will instantly enhance your look and give you that extra dose of grace that perfectly fits the moody atmosphere of Autumn. Thanks to their casual though chic look, blazers are wearable pretty much anywhere. They feel comfortable and still help to bring out the most fashionable side of you.

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Not only the weather changes during the first weeks of Autumn, but even the bright summertime colours quickly fade into dimmer and lower tones. Knowing this, we need to adapt our outfit accordingly. All hues of orange usually serve best during this transitioning season. Long dresses, sharp overcoats and ponchos or comfy sweaters, they all work perfectly for this time of the year as long as they have some shade of orange in them. If orange is not exactly your colour, or you don't see yourself wearing orange attires, then you should probably go for some light brown, khaki or beige piece instead. As long as your outfit matches the spoiled branches or the piles of crumpled leaves on the ground, you will be absolutely in line with the Autumn mood. Just be careful not to make a mess out of it. Don't mix too many colours or different shades all in one outfit, you could end up looking more like a wall of graffiti rather than the chic girl you aspire to be. One simple tip: choose one statement piece and then match it with lower or neutral tones, maybe jeans or a plain coat.

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When it comes to upgrading your outfit for the Autumn season, you really don't need to overdo it with accessories and flamboyant additions. Scarfs are obviously the simplest and most usual items. Keep following the brown-orange colour rule and you won't be mistaken. As an alternative, you can try matching your scarf with an original cute French hat especially further in the season when ‘winter is coming’, and the cold is starting freeze your brain. As far as more chic accessories are concerned, necklaces and cute rings always work perfectly to give you that spark of glam, just like a chic indie girl, confident and stylish. Now you are all set! xoxo Debut Girl.


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