This is why faux leather is great for women's clothing

What is Faux Leather?

Faux Leather is artificial or synthetic leather, created as an alternative to real leather. In many ways faux leather is considered a better option by many clothing companies for a variety of reasons. To help you understand why you should choose faux leather clothes here are a few of the benefits and why you should consider using it over traditional leather for your clothes.

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Typically faux leather is known for being much more affordable than real leather. It looks just like real leather at a fraction of the cost. Meaning for many people it is a much more attractive option monetary wise. Being a cheap alternative means it’s great for large projects and allows you to create or buy more leather apparel without it costing you a small fortune. Allowing you to look great for less!

Consistent in Colour

Due to being a machine-made product, faux leather has a consistent colour throughout the entire roll. While real leather is nice for making unique clothing items, sometimes you want an outfit that matches throughout. Faux leather is the best option for this, allowing you to have a uniform look for all items of clothing.


Once again, because of faux leather being created by a machine, it has the ability to look however the creators wish for it to. This allows for it to be dyed a mix of colours and have a variety of patterns, so you can get faux leather to look exactly as you wish! In turn this allows for some interesting and fashionable outfits.

Unlimited Supply

Unlike traditional leather supply isn’t limited via farming. We can create an endless supply, one of the reasons it’s so much cheaper. This allows you to bulk order for large designer projects and can be ordered in large continuous rolls. Meaning it’s easier to create that full leather outfit, without having to order several small sheets of traditional leather.

Easy to Work With

Faux leather is easy to cut and sew together for jackets, vests and pants. The consistent look mentioned previously means that if you make mistakes, it’s easy to scrap and redo. When using needles, holes in faux leather are also far less noticeable, allowing for a cleaner appearance in clothes. Overall it is a much better option than traditional leather for working with, just due the nature and texture of the material.

Low Maintenance

Most faux leathers are stain and fade resistant, meaning you don’t have to be constantly on your toes around children or pets. The material is also very easy to clean, and for most spills a simple wipe of a clean rag with warm water is more than enough. While traditional leather often retains moister, faux leather does not have this issue. This means that with faux leather clothing doesn’t have to be treated to stop it from warping or cracking in the rain; allowing you to relax while wearing any faux leather clothing.


Faux leather is incredibly durable. It has the ability to endure scrapes and scratches that traditional leather would not and lasts a very long time. As mentioned previously unlike genuine leather it is not susceptible to cracking, warping or peeling either. Faux leather is also less prone to fading in ultra violet (UV) light. Therefore, in general all clothing made from faux leather will last far longer than if it was made from traditional leather.

Cruelty Free

Last, but certainly not least, one of the biggest benefits of faux leather comes in, it’s completely cruelty free! No animal parts are used in the production of faux leather at all, meaning no animals are harmed. Wearing faux leather, allows you the option of leather’s attractive and sleek appearance without any of the guilty feelings that comes with wearing real leather.

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