Good Quality Shoes for Women Don't Need to Be Expensive

Causal womens shoes or evening bridal shoes are often characterised as accessories and fashion essentials without which a woman’s overall style is incomplete. However, they are more of a necessity that we often discount.

On average, we walk around almost five times the circumference of the earth in our entire life. And when you have to cover a distance that huge, you need good quality footwear that is also aesthetically pleasing.

But one thing that an average person fails to understand is that a good quality shoe does not always have to be expensive. While a high price-tag may be considered a reflection of quality, several other things (apart from the high-price tag) make a good quality shoe. Let’s look at five characteristics of a good quality shoe.


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Leather or Rubber Sole

Sole is the most critical feature of a good quality shoe. It is part of the shoe that bears the most damage, but unfortunately, it is the same part that receives the least consideration. A good quality shoe always comes with a leather or rubber sole. Both these materials make up an excellent sole that is durable and is likely to serve you for years.


Sturdy Heels

Most women prefer shoes with heels, and often high-heel, casual shoes come with a higher price tag. But regardless of price, good quality comes with sturdy heels, which add more to stability as you walk. Moreover, with sturdy heels, you are less likely to get caught on things that reduce your risk of toppling over. We recommend that your shoe heel must not exceed 2.5 cm or 1 inch in height to reduce the risk of ankle sprain and foot pain.


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Glued Innersole

The inner sole is the part of the shoe where your feet is placed. In a good quality shoe, the inner sole will also be comfortable, and you can feel a layer of insulation between the sole of your shoe and the innersole. Moreover, in high-quality shoes, the innersole is always glued or stitched, giving a more relaxed feel as you walk around with your shoes.


Roomy Front

Very often, stylish and expensive women's footwear come with narrow fronts. While it adds to the style and looks, it is definitely something that is not comfortable and can cause foot problems (such as ingrown toenails, corns, and calluses) in the future. But if you look at a high-quality shoe, you will notice that they always come with a roomy front which is very important for closed toe shoes. This ensures that there is sufficient space in the shoe, both at the front and on the sides so your feet fit in well.


Durable Stitching

Stitching is not always a decorative aspect that you can overlook. It is one of the most critical essentials affecting the durability of your shoe. Needless to say, high-quality still have to be durable, and you can't get that sturdiness without durable stitching.

If you are looking for high-quality that comes with an affordable price tag, continue to browse our website and you will definitely find something you like.


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