Top Fashion Trends this Winter

Winter is normally a season of contrasting styles. While some designers continue to pay homage to elegance, others promote street style fashion. Despite the contrasting approaches, this year’s style celebrates fashion in its true spirit. From nude, neutral shades to strikingly bright colours, there is something for everyone. So let’s take a look at the top fashion trends of this winter season.



Suede Leather Jackets

Let the winter months be timelessly cool as you rock a suede leather jacket. With endless versions to choose from, you can go for a classy or sporty version depending upon your style. Pair it up with a skirt or straight pants to get the look of the season. As shades of brown dominate the coats, go for a grey, blue or black lower to get the perfect look this winter.



Neutral Colours

As the trend for nude colours continues, this season we see neutral colours all overs. The neutral, single coloured outfit give a classy look to almost everyone. And the best part is that you can experiment with neutral colours as well. Go for a warm neutral coloured jumpsuit or a camel leather skirt, the choices are endless.


Bright Suits? Yes this is a thing!

Want to make a style statement? Choose a bright colour suit. Ideal for both work and party, these suits can be an excellent addition to your closet this winter. But don’t forget, you are not going for the traditional shades. As you pick up the reds, blues and greens, go for bold and compliment accessories and stand out in the crowd this winter season. Don’t forget to pick up tones that enhance your skin tone and give you a vibrant overall look.



This is without question, every year, everyone goes crazy for leggings, especially in winter. Girls around the world love a new pair of leggings and confidently experimenting with different colours Whether they are wearing it to the gym or just part of their daily routine. Either way, make sure leggings are part of your wardrobe not just in Winter, but all year round!


Slouch Boots

Not everything needs to be skin tight. This winter season keep things a little slouchy and add slouch boots to your wardrobe. These long and funky boots are an excellent addition to your footwear. Whether you couple them up with a skirt or compliment with a pair of skinny jeans, these long slouch boots will make you stand out of the crowd. To add more to your look, don’t be afraid of adding an oversized blazer and some vibrant accessories.


Fashionable Scarves

Probably the most obvious fashion piece you need in a winter, a nice winter scarf. These do not have to be thick like you are going to the snow, something basic and light will dot he trick just to add a bit of personality to your winter outfit. There are literally endless colours, styles and patterns to choose from so just pick one and you're all set!


Fashion is and will always remain in a state of flux. By knowing the top women fashion trends, you can create your own style statement this winter season.

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